Sustainable Energy Plan 2030

The electricity industry in its current form seems to be taking a downward trend where the sustainability of the business is under threat. The industry is characterized by the declining sales (at a local level), rising electricity cost, unreliable supply from the sole provider, while it is imperative to protective the environment which is being compromised by the continuous fossil fuel emissions. The constitutional mandate of the NMBM is clear, to provide critical services to our communities in a sustainable manner. Sustainability has to be considered from both a financial and environmental point of view. 

The electricity industry therefore finds itself in an unprecedented changing landscape. Now, more than ever before, it is important to provide thought leadership, to keep staff motivated and focused on the opportunities at hand and to build stakeholder confidence through ethical conduct, transparency and service excellence. Furthermore, it is essential to give customers, potential renewable energy producers, energy traders and investors strategic guidance in respect of the envisaged future of the NMBM.


In this context NMBM developed a Sustainable Energy Plan 2030, outlining the structural alignment to effectively respond to the challenges and to capitalise on the opportunities at hand. 


The Sustainable Energy Plan 2030 can be downloaded here.




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