Connect to the municipal grid

What opportunities do I got within the metro to connect such a system?

If you are living within the boundaries of the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality you got two options to get a PV system installed.

1. Free installation when you participate in the PV programme of the municipality

2. Hire a professional to design and install your own system

1. NMBM PV programme

If you would like to participate in the green initiative of the metro and would like to install a PV system, but don't have the money to do so or don't want to invest so much money on your own in such a system, you got the opportunity to join the PV programme of the municipality for free and in most cases save immediately on your monthly electricity bill.

When does the programme start?

At this stage the NMBM would like to ask for public participation on the proposed PV programme. During this time all programme details will be available for the public and can be downloaded here.

If you would like to provide feedback to the municipality on the proposed programme please click here.

What will it cost me to participate in this programme?

For you it is free to join this programme. You only have to allow a qualified investor to install and maintain a PV system for the next 20 years on your roof.

What will be my benefits in joining this programme?

You will change to a new electricity tariff, the "investment tariff", which will be in many cases already cheaper than the current tariff. The municipality also guaranties for the next 20 years, that this tariff increases each year less than the previous tariff you were in.

Who can participate in this programme?

Everyone within the metro who got a connection to the municipal electricity grid.

How does the programme work?

The NMBM wishes to facilitate agreements which will enable private companies (Investor) to wheel and supply embedded power. 250 MW of the total electricity demand within the metropolitan area has been allocated to be supplied by embedded generators. The Investor shall supply and install an embedded energy generation system at no cost to his customers ("prosumers” = consumer and producer of electricity at the same time ).

  • The investor shall conclude a 20 year agreement with the prosumer for the supply and installation of the system which shall be fixed to the prosumers roof.
  • It is also the responsibility of the investor to maintain the system for the contract period of 20 years.
  • The investor shall be reimbursed through an established green energy tariff, which is managed by the NMBM ("the Investor tariff”). This investment tariff will include a portion dedicated towards the payment of the municipality to manage the programme and maintain the electricity grid.
  • Prosumers will have to be connected to the NMBM electrical network.
  • The proposed program is based on NERSA’s approval in terms of the connection of embedded generators within municipal boundaries provided that such generation systems are 1MW or smaller.
  • The contract period with the prosumer per installation is 20 years.

2. Installation of your own system

The prices for a complete grid connected installation without Battery backup is between 17-20 Rand per Watt installed, so a 1 kW system will cost you about 18.000 Rand installed and will produce in average about 4kWh of electricity every day.

The municipality allows citizens to connect their own PV system to the municipal grid. Domestic customers who do so will fall under the "Non-ATTP Domestic customer" tariff. This is a time of use tariff with a monthly basic charge of R60. Under this tariff customers are allowed to do net-metering, which allows customers to use the municipal grid as a battery. That means if the produced electricity is not used, the customer can feed back into the municipal grid and use it at a later stage.

Be aware that this electricity can only be used in the same category it was feed into the grid e.g. 10kWh were feed back during standard time, this 10 kWh can be used any other day that month during standard time.

Credits cannot be taken over to the next month.

Credits cannot be used in other time categories, e.g. 10 kWh were feed back into the grid during standard time and 10 kWh used at peak time. End of the month that 10 units in standard time will be set to 0 and the client has to pay 10kWh at peak tariff.

If you decide to install your own PV systems and connect it to the municipal grid, following conditions apply:

When deciding on which company you will go for please consider beside the price also following points:


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