PV Green Card

PV Green Card

The PV world market grows steadily at high level. In 2016, PV made up 1/3 of newly installed power capacity (global, incl. fossil) - more than ever before. As a consequence the PV industry grows very fast, which on one site creates many new jobs in this industry but secondly also let prices drop dramatically the past years, so that electricity from PV is competitive to existing alternatives.
One disadvantage of this fast growth in this industry is that there are none or semi qualified people offering services and the customers can't verify their qualification. Therefore the PV Green Card was developed, to promote safe and high-quality PV installations.

The PV Green Card is a report for the PV system owner and a checklist for the installer which qualified installers provide to their clients after completion of a project.

The PV Green Card contains details of the used equipment, as well a checklist of all necessary installation steps that were completed.

Companies who are registered on the PV Green Card programme had to pass a basic training about PV, regulations and installations. After an assessment test those companies are registered on the PV Green Card homepage.

Benefits for customers using Registered Installers
  • Access to a list of vetted and recommended installers
  • Assurance that the installation is done by a suitably qualified and trained installer
  • Assurance that installers are working according to prescribed standards and international best practice
  • Ability to request an independent third party check of the system in the event that your installation does not perform as planned
  • Easier to access better insurance and finance / loans rates with associated institutions
  • Access to an operative dispute resolution service facilitated by SAPVIA
  • The PV Green Card provides comprehensive information regarding your installation

 Please click here to download a sample PV Green Card.


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