NMB Drought

Nelson Mandela Bay is currently experiencing a severe drought with our major storage dams supplying the metro at the lowest levels of all time.

Capacity has dropped alarmingly and we all need to save water NOW to prevent our taps from running dry. 

With no clear indication of rain in the near future it is estimated that various areas in Nelson Mandela Bay will run dry as the water levels drop to levels too low to extract water from our dams

If consumption is not cut to 250 mega litres per day, areas susch as KwaNobuhle St. Albans will be without water as soon as July!  

Other areas will soon follow in August and September.

Below are the estimated dates with an indication of the areas that will be impacted when our dams run dry as per the Drought Status report.

NMBM drought impact

Water - weather outlook March - July 2021


Please click on the image below to view the full presentation of the current status of our water resources and the interventions that the municipality is taking.

NMBM drought status and interventions

How to save water and use only 50 l per person per day


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