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You will need to go in person to the accounts department at the Customer Care Centre in your area, where you will need to pay both the overdue accounts and a reconnection fee.

Yes, you are liable for the interest.


See Section 8 of the Customer Care and Revenue Management by-laws for more detail 

R204 together with an additional deposit to the amount of R100 will be debited to your account, which is immediately payable. Total: R304.

It can take up to 4 working hours, but all attempts will be made to reconnect before the end of the day on which payment is made.

Yes. Where a statement has not arrived timeously, the customer is required to pay for the water consumed during the preceding month. The amount due can be obtained by calling 041- 506 5555 or visiting any of the following Customer Care Offices.




Mfanasekhaya  Gqobose  Building

041-506 5555

Goven Mbeki Avenue, Central

KwaNobuhle Office

041-506 2627

Ponana Tini Road (next to the Fire Station)

Uitenhage Office

041-994 1209

Town  Hall  Building, Uitenhage

Walmer Office 041-506 2546 Heugh Road, Sixth Avenue
(opposite the Checkers Shopping Mall)

Cleary Park Office

041-506 2541 / 42 

Cleary Park Shopping Centre

Despatch Office

041-506 1637

Main Road, Despatch

Korsten Office 041-506 2682 Ablett Road (opposite the
Livingstone Hospital)

Kwa-Magxaki Office

041-506 7217 / 38

Ralo  Street (off Uitenhage Road)

New Brighton Office

041-506 2564

Ntshekisa   Road, New Brighton

Motherwell Office
*Office Hours 08:00 - 16:00
(No receipting facilities)
041-506 2595 Thusong Centre, Motherwell
Zwide Office
*Office Hours 08:00 - 16:00
(No receipting facilities)
041-506 2549 Johnson Road (next to the Zwide Clinic)

The onus is on the body corporate (represented by your Managing Agent) to ensure that the full amount on the statement is settled. We have cut/restricted service to your complex because they have not paid your services account. Please consult your body corporate (Chairman of the Trustees) regarding your payment to them. Once proof of payment is made available to us, we will reconnect your services.

If you cannot pay the amount in full, you must make an arrangement to pay the amount off over time. You must then come in person to a Customer Care Centre nearest to you to make an arrangement. The following arrangement options and down-payments are available:-





R  0,00 – R5 000

Minimum of R150 or 3 months current amount of charges raised against the debtor’s account – whatever is the greater

R         0 - R  5 000

12 to 24

R  5 001 - R10 000

24 to 48

R10 000 and above

48 to 60

R5 001 – R10 000

Minimum of R250 or 3 months current amount of charges raised against the debtor’s account – whatever is the greater

R        0 - R  5 000

9 to18

R  5 001- R10 000

18 to 36

R10 000 and above

36 to 48

R10 001 and above

Minimum of R500 or 3 months current amount of charges raised against the debtor’s account – whatever is the greater

R        0 - R  5 000

6 to12

R  5 001- R10 000

12 to 24

R10 000 and above

24 to 36

The following ABSA account must be utilised for the payment of single accounts

Account beneficiary: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality
Absa current account
Account number: 40-7953-3842
Branch code: 632005 

The following ABSA account number must be used for the payment of multiple accounts and Traffic Fines:

Account beneficiary: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality 
Absa current account
Account number: 40-7953-3826
Branch Code: 632005

If you do not pay your account by the due date, you will be liable for credit control action. If you use a conventional electricity meter, the supply to that property may be suspended until the arrears and penalty fee have been paid in full. If you use a prepaid electricity meter, a blocking will be placed on vending computers to prevent you from buying electricity until all arrears have been settled in full. Legal action will be instituted should these measures fail to recover the arrears

There are 9 easy ways to pay:

  • Payments can be made at the following municipal Customer Care Centres and Municipal offices:-









Mfanasekhaya Gqobose Building

041-506 5555

Govan Mbeki Avenue, Central


041-506 1209

Ponana Tini Road, next to Fire Station


041-994 1353

Town Hall Building


041-506 2545

Heugh Road, 6th Avenue Shopping Mall

Cleary Park

041-506 2541

Cleary Park Shopping Centre


041-506 2671

Cnr of Hoog and Long Streets


041-994 1637

Main Road


041-506 2607

29 Chief Albert Luthuli Street, Despatch


041-506 2682

Ablett Street, opposite Livingstone Hospital


041-506 7217

Cnr of Ralo and Uitenhage Roads

New Brighton

041-506 2590

Ntshekisa Road

Traffic Department - Sidwell

041-402 1000

Cnr of Creswell Street and Sidwell Avenue

Electricity Directorate (Munelek)

041-392 4111

46 Harrower Road, North End

§  At any Post Office locally and throughout South Africa.

§  EasyPay - at the following vendors/ branches:-

     Pick ‘n Pay                                      Boxer
Shoprite                                           Checkers
Usave                                              Checkout
Lewis                                               Woolworths
JD Group (Hi-Fi Corporation)            Makro
Spar (selected)                                Chevron Group

§  Traffic Department, Sidwell
At any branch of ABSA Bank (over the counter)
NMBMM Current account No. 4079533826, Branch No. 632005

§  Via Internet Banking, including auto-teller machines of all major banks.

§  By way of Stop Order

     - Instructing your employer to deduct monies from your wages/salary and to pay over to Council.

     -Instructing your bank to debit your bank account with a fixed amount on a datespecified by yourself.

§  By way of a Signed Debit Order, instructing Council to debit your bank account on the day your account bills.

§  Via IVR (Internal Council Pay-by-phone/sms facility) – a consumer needs to register for this service

Please do keep in mind that any third party payments made should be made not later than four business days prior to the due date stipulated on the account. Interest will be charged on all overdue amounts, should the payment reach your account after the due date.

The Municipality makes every effort to print accurate statements and have them posted timeously. However, outside parties are used for the actual delivery, which means that the Municipality cannot guarantee that you will receive your statement in time. If the due date is near and you have not yet received your statement, request a copy from your nearest enquiry office. If you fail to pay your account on time, you will be liable for interest and credit control action even if you have not received your account yet, as your account will have been sent in good faith. The onus is on you, the customer, to request a duplicate statement. 

You will be charged interest if you pay after the due date or you pay less than the amount required. 

If your account is 30 days in arrears, your electricity supply will be disconnected. Final notices/accounts may be delivered or posted after the final date of payment. The final notice/account will state that the client may arrange to pay the outstanding balance in terms of the NMBM Credit Control Policy. The account will also state that it constitutes a final notice and that failure to settle the account on the due date may lead to disconnection of services at any date thereafter, without further notice. The right to restrict, disconnect or terminate services due to non-payment will apply to any service rendered by the NMBM and will prevail notwithstanding the fact that payment has been made in respect of any specific service and will prevail notwithstanding the fact that the person who entered into agreement for the supply of services with the NMBM and the owner are different entities or parties, as the case may be.

Although the account is closed, payment is due for services supplied up to the last reading or services supplied. Take note of the last reading date on your account before the account is closed.

Check that you used the correct account number as a reference. Make sure your payment was made before the account was due. Remember that this type of payment will appear on your account only from four (4) business days after the payment was made. If your payment is still not reflected, contact your nearest Customer Care Office with proof of the electronic payment in order for the payment to be traced and allocated to your account.

Municipalities are expected to be self-funding, raising much of their revenue from three key sources: electricity and water supplies, and the property taxes known as rates. The money raised by the NMBM will pay not only for basic services such as roads, refuse collection, traffic control, sewers, lights and water, but also for an expanded community police force, a large HIV/AIDS programme, housing for the poor, and a refurbished bus service.

The following ABSA account must be utilised for the payment of single accounts

Account beneficiary: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality
Absa current account
Account number: 40-7953-3842
Branch code: 632005 

The following ABSA account number must be used for the payment of multiple accounts and Traffic Fines:

Account beneficiary: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality 
Absa current account
Account number: 40-7953-3826
Branch Code: 632005

Yes, the site drainage system is indicated on the building plan and the general services plans are available from services division and, are available for the public upon request and with the payment of the relevant tariff, should a copy be requested. Reference being made to the Waste Water Department - 6th Floor, Mfanasekhaya Gqobose Building, former Eric Tindale Building.

The Building Inspectorate Office is the primary source of information about your property. Ask for a copy of the history for your property. This history is typically previously approved plans with dates of all building additions done and general data about the construction. The Building Inspectorate Main Office (PE) can be reached at 0415062462.

Please note that copies of the records can be made at the Central Information offices (Ground Floor, Lillian Diedricks Building) after payment has been made on the ground floor at the cashiers, Mfanasekhaya Gqobose Building. Please note that no cash will be accepted for plan copies at the Building Inspector Archive counter and that you will only receive a receipt for payment to be made at the cashiers. You will be charged according to size of prints of the plans as well as the amount of copies you require.
When you complete your project, you should contact the building control office (the building inspector) to arrange a final inspection. It is recommended that any final payments to builders are only made after the inspection has been carried out and a certificate of occupancy is issued. It is essential that you request a final inspection as soon as possible following practical completion, the certificate provides you and future owners of the development that "as far as can be reasonably ascertained” work complies with current building standards. It is important that all relevant inspections are requested prior to completion. Occupation certificate should not be taken as guarantee or warranty of the building works.

Please remember we cannot replace the services of a Project Manager or Architect - whilst we will always endeavor to ensure that your work meets current standards our site presence is comparatively limited you may need to employ the services of appropriate consultants for quality assurance assessments purposes.

Request for final inspection from building control and produce applicable certificates (Engineers completion certificate, glazing, roof, certificates of compliance electricity) if all is in order the Building Inspector / Chief Building Inspector will issue a certificate of occupancy.


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