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Notice Board:


Shutdown 2: Friday, 25 October 2019 (alternatively 26 October 2019)
Where: Lorraine substation. - Time: 06H00 - 18H00 

All areas fed from Lorraine substation will be affected: Brymore, Glenroy park, Goldwater, Greenshields Park, Hancorn, Heatherbank, Kragga Kamma Park,Kamma Park, Lorraine, Lorraine Manor, Lovemore Heights, Lovemore Park, Miramar, Overbaakens, Pinelands, Pine Grove, Southmeed, Salisbur, Springfield, Theesecome, Vikingvale, Willoglen
Weybridge park, Woodlands, Walmer heights, Walmerdowns

All supplies to be treated as live for the duration of the outage.

Good news for the Nelson Mandela Bay Residents as new coalition moves on

Statement by Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, Councillor Mongameli Bobani

I am addressing you following the historic judgement of the Port Elizabeth High Court yesterday, confirming the legitimacy of the Coalition government comprising the UDM, AIC, UF Eastern Cape and the ANC. Our progressive partner in Council, the EFF, played a pivotal role in ensuring that the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay are once again free. Thank you very much. 

We heard our residents loud and clear when they vociferously complained about the many disruptions in basic service delivery they experienced, whether in the form of water leaks, sewer spillages, illegal dumping and littering. We also heard the cries from investors and high energy users concerned about high electricity tariffs. 

Two days ago, the collective leadership held strategic interfacing sessions with municipal directorates, the purpose of the sessions being as follows:

To assess the overall performance of each Directorate with respect to service delivery.
To get an update on the financial state of the Municipality and its capacity to deliver on its mandate 
To evaluate the state of internal coordination as well as alignment with SOEs based in the region
To evaluate the state of the Institution’s human capital in order to deliver (filling of critical vacancies) and 
To assess the overall performance of each Directorate with respect to service delivery.
To plot the way forward in the next 100 days of the Mayor, leading to the next local government elections.

I invite you (media and community) to journey with us as we launch a 100 Days Programme to in intensify service delivery to all our communities. 
The recent rains have brought welcome relief to the Municipality, and this will be converted into a financial benefit for our communities, through a change from Part C to Part B of the Tariffs. 

Part B of the Charges & Tariffs (applicable during times of water shortage) (Excl. VAT)Applicable during times of normal water availability Applicable during times of normal water availability Applicable during times of normal water availability Applicable during times of normal water availability
 Residential: Up to 0,4 kl/d R13,75
 Next 0,4 kl/d R17,24
 Next 0,8 kl/d R38,33
 Next 1,0 kl/d R46,46
 Additional consumption R116,14
 ATTP R13,75
 Institutional & Gov. Dept. R19,70
 Commercial / Industrial R19.57
Part C of the Charges & Tariffs (applicable during times of water shortage emergency) (Excl. VAT)
 Residential: Up to 0,5 kl/d R17,23
 Next 0,3 kl/d R34,84
 Next 0,8 kl/d R69,68
 Additional consumption R232,28
 ATTP R17,24
 Institutional & Gov. Dept. R19,70
 Commercial / Industrial R19.57

Another major priority of the new leadership will be the eradication of the bucket system. Too many of our residents are still suffering the indignity of this backward sanitary system, forced to relieving themselves in buckets. This cannot be tolerate in a society that seeks to uplift its citizens.

During interactive sessions with our communities, numerous complaints about water leaks surfaced. Our precious water is lost every day due to ageing municipal infrastructure. While we will be working closely with officials in the NMBM Water and Sanitation Directorate to improve their response times, we encourage residents to continuously report water and sewerage leaks at our 24-hour Call Centre (at 0800 20 50 50). 

Although we are still in the grip of the prevailing drought, recent rains increased our dam levels significantly. This has enabled us to reduce water tariffs from Plan C back to Plan B. I am happy to share this great news with you today, but also hasten to caution residents to continue to use water sparingly, as the South African Weather Services have predicted no significant rainfall in our catchment areas for the next few months. The Municipality's water augmentation programme is continuing with the implementation of Phase 3 of the Nooitgedacht Low Level Scheme. 

The recent rains also affected our road surfaces, with potholes emerging seemingly overnight. The fixing of potholes will be prioritised, as well as the tarring of gravel roads in our townships. This will include the construction of sidewalks. We are working towards the day when our township residents will contemplate their surroundings with a sense of pride. 

Regarding  human settlements issues, we will be identifying vacant land to implement serviced cites as part of our strategic objective to curb land invasions, but ensure that landless residents are placed on the plots where their houses will be erected. This will take place in addition to the Municipality’s provision of decent houses to residents on the waiting list. 

We are actively reviewing the reconnection fees that caused an outcry by our residents to see how this matter can be resolved. Another area of review are the criteria of the Assistance-to-the-Poor (ATTP) programme.

Safety and Security will be a major focus area of the new Coalition government, as the recent crime statistics released by the South African Police Services leave major room for improvement. Too many of our people are affected by the scourge of crime that envelops our neighbourhoods. 

The NMBM Public Health Directorate will be working hard to deal with the pervasive problem of illegal dumping, to make these eyesores useful spaces for our communities again. 

We will be continuing as an institution with efforts to make Nelson Mandela Bay a preferred sporting destination, drawing major flagship projects such as the Ironman African Championships and our annual surfing competitions and to  encourage our major sporting codes such as football, cricket, athletics and rugby to reach the higher echelons of their respective disciplines. 

Catalytic Projects 
Catalytic Projects will be pursued, in an endeavor to stimulate economic growth and break the low growth trap the Metro finds itself in. 

The following projects and strategies will be pursued:  Waterfront development, the development of the International Convention Centre (ICC), the revamping and the extension of the PE International Airport, and the redevelopment of both the Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage train stations. In addition, the NMBM coastal and beach resorts - not forgetting the Springs Resort - will be assessed and recapitalised. The demolition of Telkom Park will make way for retail and mix use residential properties (e.g. Florida Heights).

Attention will also be given to strategic projects located in the townships, Uitenhage and Northern Areas. Njoli Hub development will be prioritised in order to unlock the economy in the immediate communities. The necessary support will be given to both Prasa and the local taxi industry to see the Motherwell Rail line realised. In consultation with industry players, we will develop Phase Two of the Uitenhage Logistics Park. Through the MBDA and the Helenvale Urban Renewal Programme, we will focus on the development of the Northern Areas i.e. the Korsten-Schaudervile housing development and the development of community amenities, making Gelvandale a sport capital. 

Growing the economy and creating much needed jobs will require collaboration with private investors but key in building those relationships will be working closely with local business chambers, the Coega IDZ and ECDC for the purpose of inward investment attraction.

This Coalition government will collaborate with the ECDC in establishing a much-needed regional one-stop shop for investors. 

BAY WORLD is an international flagship project that will attract international tourists and visitors, while the Madiba Bay development will be fast-tracked.

The feasibility of setting aside 30% of the NMBM Capital Budget to undertake programmes and project that will benefit Local SMMEs will be investigated.

Oversight will be exercised to ensure that all municipal projects accommodate EPWP principles, creating Work Opportunities for the youth and the unemployed.

The institutionalisation of the Community Work Programme within the NMBM will be prioritised.

The administration has been directed to investigate the concept of Area Based Management (URP principle) with respect to the development of local communities in an integrated manner (Integrated Urban Development Framework).

Last but not least:  this administration will not leave office without ensuring that the much vaunted Mandela Statue is realised. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I am confident that this Coalition Government  will be providing a stable political environment. We are mindful to learn from the lessons that we gained from others as well. The opportunity to govern is nobody’s birthright, but a privilege won for a limited period only. During this limited period, do the best you can, with all your ability, to leave a lasting legacy. 

I would like us to meet again after 100 days to measure the progress of our implementation plan.

We encourage residents to support the Springboks when they take on Australia next Saturday (29 September) at our iconic Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. 

Last message: We will fight and uproot all form of corruption;  the might of the law will deal with all found implicated.

Issued by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications Office. 

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