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Notice Board:

Electricity Shutdown 16 December from 08H00 - 12H00: Please note that repairs and maintenance will be carried out on the Aloes substation transformer equipment. Areas affected: Wells Estate, Markman Township, Bluewaters Bay, Amsterdamhoek, parts of Coega, Coega village, St Georges Strand and Dumbrody farms. All installations to be treated as live for the duration of the outage. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Mayor Bobani gives context to budget statement

The Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Cllr Mongameli Bobani made an aside statement last week and it was subsequently reported that he had said that the entire budget for the next financial year would be allocated to the townships and northern areas – and should residents in the more affluent areas report a sewerage problem, the head of infrastructure and engineering will be told to ignore it.

"This was not a policy statement and I want to put the comment in context. It is my considered view that local governments exist for the purpose of providing basic services equally to all residents. Service delivery should always be improving, and excellent service delivery is my administration’s goal,” said the Executive Mayor.

"The Democratic Alliance, after it lost the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, has urged suburban residents to stop paying their rates and taxes. My comment was merely made to call their bluff. The city needs its ratepayers to be vigilant in paying their dues. I assure ratepayers that their money will be used strictly in accordance with the approved budget. I urge all the people of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, all the ratepayers, and all the residents, to unite behind a coalition government of a majority of elected representatives in improving service delivery equally for all, from the poorest communities to the most affluent communities,” said the Executive Mayor.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Metro’s Executive Committee and officials are currently occupied in a strategy session and, if all goes well, we will on Friday announce our plans for service delivery, be it in the townships, informal settlements and the suburbs. 

"Let us unite, people of our city,” said the Executive Mayor.


Issued by the Communications Office of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality ( @NMBayM on facebook and @NMandelaBaymuni on twitter.

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