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Call for Volunteers as Mayoral Animal Care Movement Kicks Off

The launch of the Mayoral Animal Care Movement (MACM) has made history in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Consisting of a number of projects focusing on animal welfare, the MACM is the first of its kind in the City. Key to the success of these projects are partnerships with animal welfare organisations and the assistance of volunteers.

The first ever mass dog sterilisation project will kick off in Motherwell on 10 June 2018. This project will focus on dogs from across the city whose owners wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the procedure.

The Metro is proud to be partnering with the Animal Welfare Society for the 10 June launch event, where the aim is to sterilise approximately 200 dogs in one day. A further 480 dogs will be sterilised over a number of weeks in partnership with various veterinary clinics.

To achieve this ambitious launch event target, we are calling for 14 volunteers, all of whom need to be qualified veterinary nurses or similar, to assist with procedures on the day. If you are eligible and able to assist, please email my Chief of Staff at

The care and welfare of both domestic and wild animals, who share our Metro’s natural spaces with us all, will be the focus of MACM. This important initiative speaks to this coalition government’s vision of a forward thinking city.

The MACM will be made up of a number of ongoing and new projects, some of which have already kicked off. These projects aim to ensure the safety of residents, in instances where mismanaged animals pose risk, while also improving the welfare of all animals metro-wide.

Another project that has already commenced is the redesign of weirs and construction of fish ladders along the lower Baakens River. This allows the migration of fish up and down the river, necessary to prevent the complete extinction of several threatened species of fish, endemic to the area.

We are also in the process of procuring reflective ear tags for urban cattle that often go astray. This will make stray cattle visible to motorists, preventing accidents.

"A simple act of kindness and compassion towards a single animal may not mean anything to all creatures, but will mean everything to one."

One City One Future.

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Kristoff Adelbert

Chief of Staff


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