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Be aware of municipal fireworks bylaw applicable this New Year’s Eve

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Director for Safety and Security, Advocate Keith Meyer, said earlier today that residents should acquaint themselves with the designated areas where fireworks can be discharged according to the municipal bylaw.
"We encourage residents to discharge their fireworks at these legislated demarcated areas to ensure that everybody enjoys New Year’s Eve without unnecessary disturbance or distress to animals,” Meyer said.

Fireworks may only be discharged in the following permitted areas:

1) Central Sports Fields (off Lower Drostdy Street, Uitenhage).

2) The open grassed area opposite the water wheel in Despatch.

3) The following beach areas, as hereafter defined:

a) Joorst Park Beach:

The sandy beach area. Grassed areas as well as sand dunes remain excluded.

b) Wells Estate Beach:

The sandy beach area. Grassed areas as well as sand dunes remain excluded.

c) Bluewater Bay Beach:

The sandy beach area from the Swartkops River mouth up to the Coega River. Grassed areas as well as sand dunes remain excluded.

d) Southern Beaches:

The beach area from Kings Beach (Supertube area) to the Beacon opposite Admiralty Way. Grassed areas as well as sand dunes remain excluded.


Fireworks may only be purchased from approved dealers who are in possession of an approved fireworks dealers licence.

Fireworks may only be sold to/purchased by persons older than 16 years of age.
Fireworks are not permitted to be discharged in any residential area.
Offences and penalties
Any person not adhering to the aforementioned conditions may be, on conviction, liable to be fined, or in default of payment, to imprisonment, or to such imprisonment without the option of a fine, or to both such fine and such imprisonment, and in the case of a successive or continuing offence, to a fine for every day such offence continues, or in default of payment thereof, to imprisonment.
Aerial fireworks may only be discharged with the express permission of the Regional Inspector of Explosives (SAPS) at Tel No: 041 398 2300.

General Safety Precautions:

  • Do not try to re-ignite fireworks.

  • When fireworks do not discharge, do not approach such fireworks immediately, as a delayed discharge or explosion may occur.

  • Fireworks should not be discharged whilst being held in the hand.

  • Do not bind fireworks together; light them one by one.

  • Keep pets indoors whilst fireworks are being set off. They become afraid, nervous, disorientated and could also become aggressive. It is a very stressful experience for animals, so please preferably avoid their exposure to fireworks. If avoidance is not possible, please minimize their exposure to fireworks to the least amount of time possible.
Any complaints regarding the discharge of fireworks should be reported to the Safety and Security Control Centre at 041 5851555 or to SAPS at 10111.

Issued on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality by Media Management Officer Kupido Baron (082 780 2726 / 041 506 1500 / / @kupidobaron).

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