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A promise made realised says Mayor Trollip

The promise made by the Bay's Coalition government to turn townships into suburbs was given a major boost when Nelson Mandela Bay's Executive Mayor Athol Trollip officially opened the long-awaited municipal Service Centre in Motherwell Nu4 today, December 14, 2017.

For the past ten years the Service Centre. which was initially planned to be a Thusong Centre, has been under construction. Problems of shoddy workmanship, contractors abandoning the site and overspending have led to the delays.

When the Coalition government took over the City's reins last year, this was identified as a priority project to speed up service delivery. Through strong political oversight and strict project management, the current government was able to deliver the project within a year.

The Centre will offer the following services: paying of municipal services, payment of driver’s and learner’s licenses, and testing. In addition to these services, a third Metro Police precinct will be opened and operate at the Centre early next year.

Officially declaring the Centre opened, Executive Mayor Trollip said that a promise made, had been realised.

"We have promised the people of this Metro that we will bring quality services closer to where they stay. In an area as big a Motherwell, it was important for us to have a facility of this nature. It would be unjust of us for our people to have to travel to neighbouring municipalities for traffic services and yet we have a structure like this left to fall apart," said the Executive Mayor.

The Executive Mayor said that the lesson to be taken from the success of the project was that close cooperation between the politicians who are responsible for oversight and the officials who implement projects was critical.

"In every project that we do, we must always make sure that we deliver on time and within budget so that we can save the Municipality money for more services like the fixing of roads, street lights, cleaning of the City and stopping water leaks," added Mayor Trollip.

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Safety and Security Cllr John Best said that the Municipality had applied to register the Centre with the National Department of Transport in order to offer full Traffic and Licensing Centre services. The Customer Care Centre is already operational, with citizens using it to pay their municipal accounts, check and update their accounts and apply for Assistance to the Poor (ATTP) Scheme subsidies.


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