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Continued Progress Under New Mayoral Committee

Continued Progress Under New Mayoral Committee  

After just over a year in government, it is important to review progress made to date. 

As such, some changes to the Mayoral Committee are necessary  in the interest of channeling skills and expertise. 

This will take the coalition government in a direction that ensures  continued improvement of service delivery. 

Over the last year, this government has provided running water and flush sanitation to 12 000 residents through RDP relocation and serviced sites programmes. 

A Metro Police Service, two satellite stations  and Shotspotter technology have been established to create a safe city. 

Over 2000 job opportunities have been created through the EPWP programme, as we work towards ensuring an opportunity City for all. 

Corruption has been stopped in its tracks with the freezing of several dubious contracts and the suspension of numerous officials. 

This is the sort of progress we want to keep making  , but at an even faster rate. With this Mayoral Committee, I am confident we will be able to do so. 

The new Mayoral Committee is as follows: 

·        ·        Cllr Lance Grootboom - Public Health
·        Cllr Siyasanga Sijadu - Sports, Recreation, Arts & Culture
·        Cllr Nqaba Bhanga - Human Settlements
·        Cllr Andrew Whitfield - Economic Development, Tourism & Agriculture
·        Cllr Masixole Zinto - Infrastructure, Engineering, Electricity & Energy
·        Cllr Retief Odendaal - Budget & Treasury
·        Cllr Annette Lovemore - Corporate Services
·        Cllr Shirley Sauls - Constituency Services
·        Cllr Rano Kayser - Roads, Transport & Stormwater
·        Cllr John Best - Safety & Security  

I am confident that with these changes, the Metro will be able to deliver even better services and bolster the economy to create sustainable jobs. 

One City One Future

Executive Mayor
Cllr Athol Trollip

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