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City honours local heroes and unveils Madiba statue to mark Mandela Day

Phase 2 of the War on Waste commences today, 2 October 2017.

Training of temporary recruits will take place this week and operations will begin next week.

Having taken over the political management of Public Health, my office will monitor this operation to ensure absolute efficiency and compliance.

All Ward Councillors must play a constructive part in ensuring that this project is effective. I will be engaging with the leadership of all ward councillors' political parties to see that this happens.

Having recently won second place and R2.5 million in the greenest cities awards, this coalition government is now stepping up a gear in terms of cleaning our city.

There will be a specific focus on litter picking operations in township communities, the eradication of illegal dumpsites, law enforcement and public awareness campaigns.

R6 million has been allocated to this new phase, which will see a proper clean up of our entire Metro after several months of sub standard political management.

335 job opportunities will be provided in strict accordance with EPWP policy and legislation, to assist the municipality's cleaning operation.

I will personally oversee this entire operation to ensure its success.

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