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Notice Board:

All residents and local communities are cordially requested to note that the Municipality's IDP and Budget public participation meetings schedule is currently being revised to ensure maximum attendance. Please click here

Elected City Leaders to attend NERSA hearing to oppose Eskom increase

The entire NMB Mayoral Committee will attend a NERSA public hearing on 1 November 2017.

The public hearing comes after Eskom's proposed 2018 tariff increase of 19.9% next year, which this Metro government will vehemently oppose.

Major infrastructure maintenance and overhaul has begun under this coalition government. A R25 Billion maintenance backlog requires the administration's urgent attention, after decades of negligence and poor governance.

As such, Bay residents are already digging deep in terms of rates and tariffs. Every cent of this additional rates income is going to promote infrastructure led growth and accelerate service delivery improvements.

Conversely, Eskom has shown itself to be irresponsible and reckless with public money, thus a tariff increase cannot precede the Utility getting its house in order by ensuring financial prudence and reliable management.

Cities are the engines of growth and development and could be unnecessarily stifled by unreasonable tariff increases. As such, all Metropolitan Municipalities should reject Eskom's proposed tariff.

I urge all Bay residents to participate in this public hearing on 1 November 2017, the venue for which will be announced soon.

One City One Future.

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