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Notice Board:

Libhongolethu to start operating on Monday, 26 March 2018. Please click here to view the timetables. 

WireITTM will be implementing the regulated VAT price increase to 15% from 01 April 2018. Please take note of this, as your service fee of R5.56 will now increase to R 5.61 (incl. VAT). The minimum purchase value still remains R50 per purchase. For further information contact: 1. WireITTM Call Centre on 087 7420 459 - 24hrs or 2. Email: 


Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality would like to inform residents and businesses that Elandsjagt Water Treatment Works will be shutdown tomorrow, Wednesday, 06 September 2017. 
The shutdown is due to upgrade work that will be done at the Elandsjagt Water Treatment Works. The municipality does not foresee any water distribution cuts to residents and businesses, if they use water sparingly.
Alternative arrangements will be made and communicated to Ward Councillors if the shutdown leads to water distribution cuts to residents and businesses.  The areas that might be affected are from William Moffat down to Central Hill.
The shutdown will start from 7am. 
Residents and businesses are urged to use water for essential purposes only to avoid interruptions.
The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality would like to apologise for the inconvenience that will be caused by this.  

Issued by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications Office. 

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