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Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, Councillor Athol Trollip has called on the residents and visitors in the City to refrain from throwing foreign object into or fiddling with sewage drains; this to prevent the occurrence of burst pipes and overflowing manholes, which has become a huge challenge, with inspections revealing that objects like old car tyres, used disposable nappies, old shoes and plastic bottles and cans are being dumped into the system.
The Executive Mayor was speaking at the switching on of the new inlets works at the Fishwater Flats Treatment Works on Monday, August 7, 2017.  The Fishwater Flats Treatment Works is the biggest treatment works in the City, with 67 percent of the effluent across the City passing through the system.  Over the past four years, the City has been implementing a project to the value of over a billion rands to increase the capacity of the treatment works.
The Executive Mayor said the phase that has just been finished would bring relief to the pressurised system and would drastically decrease the occurrence of manhole overflows and burst pipes. However, the Executive Mayor cautioned that the benefit of the increased capacity would not be realised "as long as some people continue to throw foreign objects into manholes and toilets".

The treatment works treat a combination of domestic and industrial effluent. Before the construction of the inlets, the facility processed 132 megalitres of effluent. The completion of the new inlets has increased capacity to 165 megalitres per day. The facility treats effluent from Chatty, Swartkops, Paapenkuils, Central, Motherwell, Wells Estate, KwaZakhele, New Brighton and Zwide.  The upgrading will not only take pressure off existing infrastructure, it will also give space for the future development of the City.
The City has spent more than R200 million on the inlet works. The whole refurbishment and increase of capacity at the Fishwater Flats Treatment works will cost just over a R1.2 billion, with work expected to be completed by 2030. So far, the project has created 1001 jobs. 

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