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Local artists geared and ready for drawing exhibition at Athenaeum

Specially selected artists from all corners of Nelson Mandela Bay are geared and ready for an exhibition at the Port Elizabeth Athenaeum on Thursday, 27 July as part of the Sketchbook Visual Arts Project.

Uthando Baduza, Project Manager and Chief Curator at the Red Location Museum, said the artists went through weeks of rigorous theoretical exposure and had to practically apply their newfound knowledge when drawing for the exhibition.

"We further ensured that they were ready for their big night with a workshop led by Visual Arts South Africa (Vansa). This gave them the opportunity to present their work to the public in the best possible way,” Baduza said.

The workshop, Baduza refers to, was held last Friday at the Athenaeum, and facilitated by Vansa Director Molemo Moiloa amongst others.

Westering artist, Robin Harker said she is now more equipped and informed as an artist and is convinced the experience bolstered her career.

Award-winning ceramic artist and Project Coordinator, Mkhonto Wazela, reckons the public will be pleasantly surprised at the great quality of the art work that will be on display on Thursday.

He encouraged residents to attend, experience the art and also to take note that the art on display will be available for purchase. 

The exhibition starts at 17:30 for 18:00 at the iconic Athenaeum at no 7 Athol Fugard Terrace in Central.


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