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Notice Board:

All residents and local communities are cordially requested to note that the Municipality's IDP and Budget public participation meetings schedule is currently being revised to ensure maximum attendance. Please click here


The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality will clear any outstanding waste collection backlog in Motherwell and Wells Estate by the end of the end of this week. Municipal waste management teams are currently delivering services to all parts of these communities.

In recent weeks, isolated acts of criminality have put the lives of municipal staff at risk preventing the full delivery of services. But we are pleased to announce that from today the regular refuse collection schedule is being followed and all residents should take bags and bins out on the scheduled days of service.

Delivering services to all residents is crucial in a well-run city, but this can only happen if municipal staff and vehicles are not subject to violence or intimidation. We urge residents to work alongside this government as we take Nelson Mandela Bay forward.

One City One Future

Issued by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications Office.

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