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Mandela Bay clamping down on municipal fleet abuse to cut costs

As part of cost cutting and efficient management of municipal resources, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has taken a decision to clamp down on the misuse of municipal vehicles.

Those found guilty of misusing municipal vehicles will be disciplined accordingly.

The decision was taken during a Mayoral Committee Meeting held on February 22, at the City Hall. Effectively, this will in the long run assist the municipality to provide services to the community with the money saved from this cost cutting exercise.

Executive Mayor Athol Trollip said there was an unacceptably widespread flagrant abuse of municipal vehicles and this was costing the city a lot of money.

"Municipal vehicles are being blatantly used by officials to run private errands such as ferrying their kids to school, grocery shopping and also using our fleet for driving lessons,” Mayor Trollip said.

In some cases, tracking devices were disconnected, making it hard for the municipality to monitor their whereabouts.

The Mayor also called on the executive directors to implement a stringent monitoring system as it was costing the municipality a fortune to keep its fleet on the road.

"We also call on the public to assist us in monitoring municipal vehicles and report them if they are seen to be carrying out activities that are not municipal related. The maintenance and refuelling of our fleet is a costly exercise and this is why we as the Mayoral Committee have taken a decision to closely monitor the use of our vehicles,” he said.

He also emphasised the need for customer services centres to be of use to the public for the full duration of the day.

"Service to the public is of paramount importance and as such, officials should be at their stations at all times to provide a seamless service to the public,” Mayor Trollip said.

Issued by the office of the Executive Mayor, Councillor Athol Trollip. 

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